in my last blog i revealed new venture’s mission. we are here to help people discover a growing adventure with god. that’s it! it is that simple and concise. it is that exciting and challenging.

this time i want to give some information about how we are deliberately designed to assist in this growing adventure. we offer a process to help you get started and stay on course. i like to call them markers. or maybe mile posts. markers indicate progress as well as keep us from getting sidetracked.

we offer four distinct markers to this growing adventure with god.

connecting with god–loving god–loving others–serving the world.

we are designed to assist everyone who comes our way to connect with god, love god, love others and serve the world. in fact, that is what this growing adventure with god is all about.

if you would like more details about our mission or any of these markers i would love to hear from you.


rewording mission

for some time i have been wrestling with how to express our mission as a church. why are we here? what is our purpose? our old mission statement was good but i always thought it was too wordy, even though i was the designer of it.

so i have devoted several months to thought and much prayer about how to word our mission differently. here it is!

New Venture Christian Church is all about “helping people discover a growing adventure with God.”

our walk with God is certainly a discovery process. it is a never ending discovery journey.

and it is growing. when we fail to grow we coast and when we coast we always head down hill.

but more than anything else it is an adventure. an adventure is something that takes you where you have never been before. it may not always be easy but it takes you where you have not been before. it can be the most demanding thing you have ever done. it may call forth everything you have to offer. it might call for more than you ever thought you had to give. it might bring times of total excitement and elation as well as times of tears and exhaustion but it takes you to places you haven’t been before.

god offers us an adventure with him. the christian life is an adventure. sometimes it is easy while at other times it is difficult and challenging. it will bring elation and excitement as well as tears and exhaustion. it will bring you the greatest joy you will ever discover and it will demand of you the greatest energy you have ever given. i don’t know of a better word to describe what God invites us to than an adventure.

are you ready for the adventure of your life?

An adve

returning soon

i have been spending some time the last three weeks away from New Venture vacating, renewing and developing direction for the church’s future. in another week i will be back to teaching on Sunday mornings. this has been perhaps the most productive time i have been afforded to spend in 37 years of ministry leadership. to say the least, it has been good for me and as a result will be very good for the church.

i encourage you to not miss Sunday morning, August 19. i will be sharing some of the new and refined direction plans for the church. i think you will be pleased with where we will be heading. if you ever wanted to invite a friend to join you that would be an ideal week to do it.

learning from atheists

i have been reading a book about an atheist and a christian who attend several churches together then evaluate the good and bad aspects of each experience. it is “Jim and Casper Go To Church.” i believe christians can learn some valuable stuff from atheists. what do you think? should christians be listening to atheists in order to improve their effectiveness?