learning from atheists

i have been reading a book about an atheist and a christian who attend several churches together then evaluate the good and bad aspects of each experience. it is “Jim and Casper Go To Church.” i believe christians can learn some valuable stuff from atheists. what do you think? should christians be listening to atheists in order to improve their effectiveness?


3 thoughts on “learning from atheists

  1. Interesting… I’ve wondered that too. I am interested in their perspective and viewpoint.

    Looks like someone else did something similar and has a blog about it: http://www.conversationattheedge.com/

    Off The Map opened this blog on February 2, 2006 with the announcement Off The Map Hires eBay Atheist .

    Hemant posted his church reviews here. We invited comments from atheists and non-atheists on his reviews and such issues as “Why is our agenda to hear what an atheist thinks about church rather than to ‘convert’ him?”

    Hemant’s church visits ended but we kept this blog open to continue the friendly dialog between atheists and Christians. (We also opened another atheist-Christian conversation blog: Conversation at the Edge)

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