returning soon

i have been spending some time the last three weeks away from New Venture vacating, renewing and developing direction for the church’s future. in another week i will be back to teaching on Sunday mornings. this has been perhaps the most productive time i have been afforded to spend in 37 years of ministry leadership. to say the least, it has been good for me and as a result will be very good for the church.

i encourage you to not miss Sunday morning, August 19. i will be sharing some of the new and refined direction plans for the church. i think you will be pleased with where we will be heading. if you ever wanted to invite a friend to join you that would be an ideal week to do it.


2 thoughts on “returning soon

  1. I unfortunately planned quite awhile ago a visit to family (just myself and the littler one) that weekend… do y’all record the audio? Or maybe put up something somewhere (blogpost? email?) a little of these plans? I’m not sure if Isa will be helping out in the nursery or somewhere or not…

    Looking forward to it, and seeing you back!

  2. Hope you are enjoying some well-deserved break time…looking forward to the 19th…

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