in my last blog i revealed new venture’s mission. we are here to help people discover a growing adventure with god. that’s it! it is that simple and concise. it is that exciting and challenging.

this time i want to give some information about how we are deliberately designed to assist in this growing adventure. we offer a process to help you get started and stay on course. i like to call them markers. or maybe mile posts. markers indicate progress as well as keep us from getting sidetracked.

we offer four distinct markers to this growing adventure with god.

connecting with god–loving god–loving others–serving the world.

we are designed to assist everyone who comes our way to connect with god, love god, love others and serve the world. in fact, that is what this growing adventure with god is all about.

if you would like more details about our mission or any of these markers i would love to hear from you.


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