only god could do it

pict0048.JPG3b2569f21.jpgpict0053.JPGpict0051.JPG31155e75.jpg9e3de091.jpg3b2569f2.jpgthis is an almost too good to believe story. in late may of this year sharon (my wife) and i traveled to cincinnati oh. to be with our son and daughter-in-law when they met with a team of specialists at cincinnati children’s hospital, the second best children’s hospital in the country. at least that is the story floating around the hospitals. timothy and daphane, our son and daughter-in-law, had experienced some difficulties with the baby she was expecting.

as we listened to the specialists the news was the worst possible thing we could hear. she had encepholosis where part of her brain was forming outside the cranial area. their conclusion was grim. it would be iffy if she carried full term. if she did and then delivered the baby would most likely be delivered dead or die soon thereafter. it was the most difficult meeting i think i have ever been it. we were all crushed.

many people had been praying for timothy, daphane and the baby. many more joined in after that news. there were literally thousands praying for them and the baby.

on september 14, daphane was induced and delivered a 6 pound 6 ounce baby girl named audrey. sure, she had the encepholosis as the doctors had warned, but that is as far as it goes. all her vitals were normal and from the beginning she has done everything the doctors said she would never do. on monday the 17th she underwent brain surgery to remove the non-functioning part of her brain and tuck in the rest and close up her scalp. on friday the 21st she came home from the hospital and is progressing and growing like a normal baby.

the doctors have informed them that there will certainly be delays that emerge as she grows and develops. but who knows, the doctors have been wrong so far, they certainly could be again. pray that these delays never materialize and that the existing part of here brain will compensate and take over for the removed part.

i just happened to have a few pics of audrey. you will find them attached.

god is good.


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