Say “yes” to a higher freedom

October 28 marks the end of a series on Pure Sex in our Sunday gatherings. The four messages of the series are available from the website. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I have been using Ed Young’s book “Pure Sex” as my primary source for these messages. The book contains far more than I have been able to address in four sessions. And each week there are items I have to leave out, due to time, on the subject I am addressing for the week. The following two pieces are excerpts from the 28th that didn’t make the Sunday message cut.


Let me ask you something: If you were a real basketball player, which kind of game would you want to be in? One with no rules and little skill, with everyone doing their own thing? Or one with ground rules and a high degree of skill. If you had any talent at all it would be the one with rules and talent. The other game would do nothing but frustrate you, and your chances of being seriously injured would be high. The disciplined game would give you the chance to make some precise passes, sharpen your ball handling, and learn how to execute the pick and roll. If you were a real player, that’s where you would want to be. The game with no rules would inhibit your freedom to excel, but the disciplined game would give you all the freedom you need to play well.

In just the same way, you can have a higher freedom sexually when you choose to honor the rules of the game. I can guarantee you the person who decides to live inside some very simple, plain, and clear guidelines drawn by God for his or her sexuality will know more freedom than the one who ignores them. “The experience of freedom has to do with being loved and loving,” writes psychiatrist John White. “God designed you because He loved you. His purposes for you are an expression of His love to you. As you respond in love to His commands (about sex or anything else), you are set free—free to be and do what both you and God want. The more completely you are enslaved in love to His blessed will, the freer you will discover yourself to be.”

The truth is, what most think will satisfy—that is, pleasure seeking with no boundaries—will not. What the freedom lover discovers instead is that “living for pleasure is the least pleasurable thing a man can do. If his neighbors don’t kill him in disgust, he will die slowly of boredom and powerlessness.”6 It is what we are afraid will limit us that will really set us free. The truest freedom you or I could experience is the freedom that most closely conforms with our true nature—and our true nature is God-breathed and God-designed. He knows best how we are to function in the universe He made and set into motion. Say yes to a higher freedom by living inside the parameters established by God for your sexuality.


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