golden compass

i am anything but an alarmist. i do not engage in forwarding emails. in fact, to be completely honest with you, i hardly ever read a forwarded email. but there is one that has come to my attention recently from more than one source. i will not go into extensive details about it, but it is about the soon to be released movie, golden compass. it hits the theaters on December 7. Nicole Kidman stars in it so it will get lots of attention. it is produced in the same type of setting as the chronicles of narnia, by cs lewis, even though the writer despises cs lewis. the movie is based on a trilogy of books by Phillip Pullman, who is an atheist, and is using the movie to influence kids in a subtle way. in the last of the three books the kids in the story kill god and are left to do whatever they want to do. here is a link to more extensive info on the movie, it’s premise and it’s writer. if you have any thought of taking it in during the holiday season i would encourage you to do some research first.


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