Pictures of a choice not to abort

I am completely aware that we live in a country that legally views abortion as a personal choice. It is a choice that is left up to the discretion of the mother carrying the child. My previous blog entry, “Abortion and Government Intrusion”, expresses my feeling on the rightness and wrongness of such laws and policies. I cannot change by myself what already exists. But I can support candidates and legislators that share my views and position, and I certainly will do that.montana-001-small.jpg

Having said that I want to show you a couple pictures of a choice not to abort. Her name is Audrey. In May of 07 my son and daughter-in-law were informed by their doctor that there was a problem with the child she was carrying. She had a condition called encepholosis. That is where part of the brain develops outside the cranial area. My wife and I traveled to Cincinnati where they lived, to be with them during several days of extensive testing at Children’s Hospital. It was the most heart wrenching experience we had ever experienced.

The doctors were very emphatic about their diagnosis. There was little chance that Audrey would even see birth and if she did she would likely die within minutes or hours at best. The exposed brain area would make it impossible for her to sustain life.

Of course, the first suggestion to them was to terminate the pregnancy. Based on their conviction, they refused the offer. They would trust that God would do what was best and prove that their choice was right.

On schedule, five months later, Audrey was born. The brain was partially exposed, just as diagnosed. But she was otherwise sustaining life on her own to the complete surprise of the medical staff. Surgery was scheduled to remove the exposed portion of the brain with the caution that her eyesight might be affected, since the part removed regulates sight.

audrey-197-small.jpgAudrey is now four and a half months old. She is currently weighing in at about fifteen pounds. Yes, there are some problems with her sight. She had a check-up yesterday (1/31/07). Her doctor confirmed the sight difficulties but said it is too early to determine the extent of challenges she will actually face. She does have brain activity to both eyes, which is very good. And she was fitted with her first set of glasses, which her mother says she doesn’t mind at all.

I am so glad our son and daughter-in -law chose life. The entire family, and countless others, will be blessed for endlesspict0166-small.jpg years because of this life choice. It is impossible to calculate how many she has already touched and will continue to. She is a miracle.

Do you have any similar stories you could share? I would like to hear about choices for life vs. of choices to terminate. Lets take a few minutes and celebrate these life choices together.


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