exposure on a main highway

I received a call earlier today from someone who has real estate connections in the area. She informed me that her family has access to a business location on one of the busiest business and shopping highways in the entire Midlothian area. One of the businesses in the shopping center is going to be vacant in a couple months. She asked if the church might be interested in having access to the business location for a few days or weekends to connect with the community and promote New Venture Christian Church and relaxedchurch.com.

I must say, this is an interest as well as challenging opportunity. It is so not typical for a church to have the privilege of such exposure to so many people at one time. Churches usually can’t afford the luxury of high traffic locations like this.

But more than unusual is the challenge of it all. What do you do with a business location like this that will connect with unchurched people without creating the feeling that we are a narrow-minded religious group in the area that wants to lure them in and convince them that they need to be coming to our church or they will die and burn in hell? What could we do with that space. How could we use it to serve the community? How could we convince them to stop by? What could we give to the people who do stop in?

Or is there something we could do that would even benefit the businesses adjacent to this location? Could we partner with them or at least help them feel they were benefiting from what we decide to do?

I love an opportunity and challenge like this. But I need your help with this one. I need to hear from you. What do you think we could use the space for? How do you think we could get people to stop in? What do you feel would appeal to the unchurched of our area without turning them off? What do you believe we need to consider and what do we need to avoid at all costs? How would you respond to this opportunity and what would you do with it?

Please pass on every idea you might have no matter how off the wall you think it is. We will consider them all.

And by all means, please forward this to others you might know who would have some “out of the box” ideas as well.


7 thoughts on “exposure on a main highway

  1. So we couldn’t use it for sunday gatherings, right? And you’re looking for ideas on what else we can do?

  2. what is the facility like? office complex? store? one of those “mixed-use” kind-of things?

  3. It is not big enough for Sunday gatherings. It is part of a row of retail stores and will only be available to us for a few days or weekends use. It is in the process of being leased to another proprietor. We would need to make sure we didn’t upset other business owners with what we decided to do with it.

  4. hmm… it seems like there are enough seminars out there for the community, for various topics (e.g. money mgmt) – but what about some sort of counseling? You might expect me to mention this but – marriage or parenting or something?

    You’ve also heard my thought about some sort of ‘welcome to Richmond’ area sort of group… maybe something like that? A chance to meet other people where they are and have some more information about the area along with just food and drinks or something.

    I wouldn’t expect either might bring in a huge crowd of people, but I would hope a decent turn-out…

    What businesses are nearby?

  5. How about a NVCC Connect Cafe? Free food..i.e..muffins, donuts, cold sandwiches/chips, coffee, tea. Or “lunchboxes” for people to take with them with NVCC logo on them?

    NVCC literature inside and out. Signage and or sandwich boards with balloons or something attached to draw people in?

  6. Ohhhhh, and Wayne’s band could play some music at the NVCC Connect Cafe’????

  7. I like Melanie’s suggestion..Maybe some contributions for the Donut’s and I have 2 coffee makers we could use. Starbuck’s might contribute for the advertisement. We could give out linformation and cd’s of our welcome package..

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