Free Yard Sale

After considering all the suggestions and input on what to use our free business space for, that I wrote about a couple blogs back, we have pretty much settled on a gigantic yard sale. On a given week donated items will be collected from anyone who would like to contribute. Then volunteers will sort and ready the items. Followed by the biggest yard sale you have ever seen.

Here is the shocker. When people come to the yard sale, pick out their items and go to the payment table, they will be informed that it is free. It is all free. It is our gift to them, and no matter how much they insist on paying for it we are not there to make money. We are there to connect with and bless the community in some real way.

We’re talking totally free yard sale. And the more valuable the item we give to them the greater the positive shock factor. We want to shock the bajeebies out of them with our unexpected generosity. After all, Jesus did say, “Freely you have received, freely give.” Even though there might have been a little effort in acquiring we want to freely give it away.

We will post a big sign on the street that just says something like “Gigantic Yard Sale” and invite them in.

What do you think? Do you think this is a workable idea? What problems do you foresee? What benefits do you think it will bring. What are your thoughts?

The only downer at the current time is that it will be a few months before the space is available to us. The good part is that it gives you some lead time to identify and set aside the items you might like to contribute.


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