Has It Made Any Difference?

Has it made any difference in your life? For the past two and a half months in our Sunday gatherings we have been exploring the New Testament book of Colossians. it has been a “Get Ready” series. Life here is preparation for life in the hereafter. We will spend far more time on the other side of eternity than we will on this side. And there is only one thing we will take with us to the other side. We won’t take our money with us. We won’t take our luxuries nor our toys. The only thing we will take with us into eternity is our character.

So the entire “Get Ready” study has been designed to prepare us for eternity by growing or character. We have discussed getting ready for the big three…for smiles…to move…to grow…to live…to refocus…for the calm…to go to work. Even “where getting ready begins.”

Messages can be listened to at this quick link.

My curiosity and question is, what has this study said to you? How has it enhanced your development? How has it helped you to be more ready for the other side? How has it changed your character?

Could I hear from you? Would you share in a few words how this examination of the book of Colossians has impacted your life? I would really be interested in knowing what difference it has made or if it has made any difference at all.


One thought on “Has It Made Any Difference?

  1. I enjoy and appreciate all your messages, Steve. But the message focusing on growth touched me. I have tried to read my Bible more, tried to manipulate my work schedule so I can attend small groups more, tried to pray more (and more focused). I’m trying to study with an on-line Bible College to help me grow. I’ve also adjusted my leisure reading to christian books. 3 of my channels on my car radio are now dialed in to christian stations. So, here I go…watch me grow! (Hey, that ought to be a t-shirt!)

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