“Family Matters” a Common Thread

For the five Sundays of June we are addressing five different “family Matters.” Teens, couples, dads, moms and singles are all on the schedule. In all five areas there is a common thread that runs through each of them. Maybe more than one but this one for sure, SEX. So lets put this one on the table from the get go. There is no way you can honestly discuss this many family connections without getting into the sex issue. That is, if you are going to be real and address the real issues we face. The church has been accused of avoiding the tough issues so let’s tackle a tough issue, SEX.

There are so many good things happening in families that are sex related. Sex is good. But let’s be honest. There are just as many or more bad things happening in families, than good, that are connected with sex. Problems, challenges, abuses, betrayals, addictions, you name it, it’s there. So let’s not ignore it. Let talk about it.

With the danger and risk of oversimplifying, I want to offer an explanation of why I believe such sexual problems exist in our families and in our world. Why sex can be such a good thing but such a painful, abused, abusive and problem riddled thing.

Here’s what I believe. Sex is no longer seen for what it really is. We have made sex either a physical, emotional, or personal thing. We see it as two people who are physically attracted and involved with each other or emotionally connected with each other or personally satisfying to each other. And I would agree that sex is all of that and more.

But here is where I believe the problem lies. Sex is not just physical, emotional, and personal. More than anything else it is spiritual. It is a spiritual act. It was a spiritual act before it was anything else. And because we no longer see anything spiritual about sex we have a society without sexual boundaries and with boundless problems. We have a sex driven and divulgent yet dysfunctional society.

I will share some of the reasoning behind my beliefs on June 1, in our Sunday gathering. Meanwhile, what do you think about this concept? How do you view sex and why do you think we have so many sexual problems and so much sexual dysfunction in our culture?


2 thoughts on ““Family Matters” a Common Thread

  1. Woah new change Steve! I dig…

    Tim and I went into the topic of lust last night and one thing mentioned was that sex (or the euphoria from it) can and is used as a drug for many things. It can be addicting in ways like probably heroin. It can be used to forget about things – like pain and other things we don’t want to deal with. Tim mentioned the author Ted Roberts over this topic; and when I went looking around online I found he’s started a ministry called Pure Desire… interesting stuff.

  2. Rock On Mr. Thorton! The destruction that takes place through sexual sin is pervasive & is so often just past along through families, across generations. And nothing is ever really addressed. – tim d.

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