Traps Teen Face

Let’s take a completely different direction for a few weeks. On Sundays we have been discussion the book in the New Testament called Colossians and have been discovering some of its application to life today. For the next four or five weeks let’s turn our attention to “family matters.”

In our gathering on June 1, I am going to discuss traps teens face. Traps today are exponentially different than when I was a teen, since I am such an “old” guy.

The Beetles were just coming on the scene. So this new kind of “sinful” music was taking the world by storm. Elvis was having a “little bit” of an influence as well.

Then there was “parking.” I guess several of you don’t even know what that is so you will have to ask an “older” person for some insight.

I was part of the hippie generation that ushered in drugs to the American scene and the free expression of personal ambitions. Even though not in the middle if it personally, it was a present and ever growing national wave in my younger days.

And, as always, there was the attraction to alcohol consumption and cigarette or tobacco use.

Thought teens today face some of the same traps, this is a much different world than the 60’s and 70’ of my teen and post teen years.

I want to invite you to educate me a little. If you are the parent of a teen or closely connected to one or you would be willing to invite your teen to respond to this blog I would be interested in hearing from you about the kind of traps teens face today. I want to share my insight when I address the subject on June 1, but before I do I would like to listen to what you have to say.

So what are the kinds of traps our teens are confronted with, tempted by and lured into in this world we live in today?


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