World Changers

Let’s go down a different road. For the next few weeks I am going to be addressing “World Changers” in our Sunday gatherings. I don’t know about you but I believe we have more of a purpose on planet earth than to just take up space, eat, drink, breath, go through the same daily routine day in and day out and then die and be put under the ground as the crowd goes off and eats potato salad together. I believe we are here to make a difference in our world. I believe we are here to challenge the status quo. I believe we are here to push the envelope and explore uncharted horizons. And I believe we are here to leave an eternal mark on the lives of those whose lives intersect with ours.

There were some guys in the Bible that were accused of turning the world upside down. They were world changers in the earliest days of the church. The Bible says of them, “These people who have been turning the world upside down have come here also.” (Acts 17:6)

What is your desire in life? Do you want to just quietly, stealthily and inconspicuously lumber through it until you make your final exit or do you want to leave with a legacy of effectiveness, significance, value and positive impact on the lives of people who connected with your life? I might be wrong on this one but, I think the latter is what we all desire or at least most of us.

It is entirely possible that you have a barrel full of ideas and plans on how to leave a lasting difference in people’s lives. But in case you don’t, I want to at least offer a little help. Beginning this Sunday, August 17, and for the next six weeks, I will be addressing six qualities that I believe are the most important ones for us to live out if we are going to change our world rather than just take up space in it. I certainly hope you will join us if you can. If you need some more info about our location and times of gathering check out

Meanwhile can I get some ideas from you? I invite your response to two questions. Here they are.

1. What do you believe needs to be changed most in the world in which we live?
2. What do you think needs to be done in order to bring about those changes?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas.


6 thoughts on “World Changers

  1. I believe we need to stop thinking about ourselves and begin focusing on other people and their needs. Loving your neighbor as yourself means doing for others for the Glory of God. Let’s get rid of the Me-ism factor. God has a special plan for all of us. We shouldn’t waste it.

    I also believe we all need to step up to the plate and extend ourselves in order to reach others. We not only need to “walk across the room” but “walk across the street, down the street and around the block”. Find something where you can give of yourself either in time, service, or comforting someone who needs a friend. Extend and reap the internal spiritual rewards which God has given us all.

  2. I think what needs to change the most is for Christians need to stop “playing church” and start “being the church”. What I mean is for a long time Christians, especially in the USA, have been preoccupied with church activities and things that happen within the church without regard to people who do not know who is Jesus Christ. I am including myself in that group.

    What we (as Christian) need to do is to get honest with God and check ourselves to make sure we are doing what God has asked us to do (tell people about God and the life that they can have in Jesus Christ). Like Linda said, we need to stop focusing on ourselves and focus on people who do not know Jesus Christ. We do not all have to be missionaries in some foreign country, but we do have to live as Christ wants us to and let our lives be a testimony to what Jesus has done for us. A great way to start is saying “Hi” to your neighbors.

  3. i couldn’t agree with you more.

  4. more love … demonstrated by us

  5. in sync with the mibman I’d like to add:

    a real passion and desire in our lives to seriously care about others (and not for many as we can care about, but just a few that we can deeply know)

  6. Following the evident theme of caring I would add developing the Courage to be transparent. Unafraid of being vulnerable and trusting the Lord will comfort us if we expose our heart to someone and they don’t respond or fail to recognize a pure intent. The courage to set aside our “social” side and take time to share or listen. Fearless love

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