Audrey Turns One

One of my first blogs was about our first grandchild, Audrey, born September 13, 2007. The hard reality was, she was not supposed to live, according to the predictions of doctors and specialists, but she has defied all odds. She pulled through the delivery, brain surgery and many other challenges since.

If you would like to read the original blog entry on her it is from October 1, 2007 entitled “Only God Could Do It.” I featured Audrey again on February 1 of this year in an entry called “Picture of a choice not to abort.”

This Saturday marks Audrey’s first birthday. Do you have any idea how different Sharon and I feel this year as we travel to her birthday party than we did a year ago when we thought we were going to attend a funeral?

Audrey has been such a miracle blessing to so many people. Her physical therapist has released her, indicating that her motor skills are normal for a one year old. Her optical therapist is considering a release as well due to her visual progress. Her sight is still very much impaired but is showing continual progress. She is about five months behind simply because of the part of the brain that was removed during the initial surgery.

I just happened to have a few pictures from the summer. You can be sure there will be more when we return from the celebration.

I would like to offer an invitation. You won’t be able to attend the party with us, but would anyone like to share your wishes or blessing that you have received from Audrey’s story with her or her family? I will read them to the family when we get together this Saturday. I know her family will be blessed by them as you have been by her.

Thanks so much for all your prayers for Audrey, Daphanie and Timothy. Please do not stop praying for them. There is still much more ahead in Audrey’s development and their parenting challenges.


One thought on “Audrey Turns One

  1. Dear Timothy,Daphanie, Steve and Sharon,

    My heart is so full and warmed by Audrey, your miracle child. I have shared your story with so many of my friends and told some at the Pregnancy Resource Center where I volunteer. Everyone who hears the story marvels at it or has tears in their eyes when I’m finished. She is such a wonderful, precious gift from God that you all must be truly proud and feel the blessings He has bestowed upon you.

    Happy Birthday to you, Audrey! You are a special child sent by your Heavenly Father. Great things will come from you, I am sure. Take care of mommy and daddy. They need you.

    Love and Blessings,
    Linda Spradlin
    NVCC Member

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