“I want to be a world changer.”

We finished talking about being world changers on Sundays but the desire and determination to be world changers has just begun. Here are recent comments from a couple different people.

“The sermons on “World Changers”, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I finally got it! “It’s not about Me!” I knew at that point I didn’t have purpose, passion, or my priorities right with God. He showed me it was time for change. He said to me, it’s okay; if you fall I will be there to pick you up. I am always with you.” That was it… I knew from that moment I wanted to truly know God.

Now, I can honestly say my relationship with God is changing. I am truly seeking Him, completely falling in love with Him, trusting Him with my whole heart, spending time with Him daily and serving Him sacrificially. God is now number one in my life!”

Another wrote, “Something you said Sunday hit home…DO IT NOW! When does being practical come into play? Jesus said to drop what you are doing and follow me…He told the rich guy to sell all his stuff, give it to the poor and follow me…I find myself torn…and time keeps on marching by and nothing seems to get accomplished… (Although my quiet time, Bible Study and prayer have become regular habits over the last 2 yrs…I haven’t missed a worship service (other than when working) in over 1 1/2 yrs…)

Appreciate any advice you can give me… Wanting to do more.”

So do you really want to be a world changer or do you just want to talk about it? Do you want to feel excited about the idea when you think about it or do you want to roll up your sleeves and get on with it?

If you really want to be a world changer let me briefly review the issues I addresses in the final message on the subject.

1. Write down the VALUES upon which your life is built. For more on values read the blog just before this one.

2. Identify the CHANGES you need to make in your life. “What do I value?” Write it down. Is it worth spending part of your life to figure out what’s important to you? What do I value in life? The second thing is “What do I want to change?” You’ve got to believe you can change but first you’ve got to identify what you want to change? The Bible says, “You have not because you ask not.” You ask not because you’ve never thought about what you want to change.

The Bible also says, “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.” Some things aren’t necessarily wrong; they’re just not necessary. You don’t have time for everything. You’d better figure out what’s most important, what you really need to devote your life to. What is worth pouring yourself into? What’s really important?

The way you do that is ask yourself, “What’s going to last?” A lot of things just aren’t going to last. They’re urgent but they’re not important. Big difference.

3. One more item. If you ever become a world changer you need GOALS that are taking you somewhere and will guarantee that you make a difference in this world

We procrastinate working on our goals but before that we procrastinate setting them. Less than five percent of Americans have written down goals for their lives. Surveys also show that the five percent that do are the top five percent wage earners in our culture. Those who set written goals have greater income. It’s a correlation. They know what they want in life.

If you become a world changer you need goals that are deliberately moving your life in world changing directions for God, otherwise, all you have is a bunch of wishful thinking, dreams without any substance to them.

If you do this, you’re in the top five-percent. Tape these to your refrigerator door or the mirror in your bathroom. Somewhere that you’ll see it and remind yourself on a regular basis.

This is not earth-shattering or profound stuff. It’s not rocket science. But it is imperative if you are serious about being a world changer.

It may take a little time to work through these three area but is being a real world changer worth the little bit of time it demands to think this through and write it down. Until you write it down you have no clear plan of action.

There is so much more to this subject of world changing and goals. For all the subjects or for just the last one on “A Plan for Changing the World” click on this quick link. http://relaxedchurch.com/wmspage.cfm?parm1=57


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