The Pornification Of America

I make no apology when I say that I believe the number one moral threat to America is not drugs, rampant and irresponsible sex or alcohol abuse. I believe our biggest moral threat is pornography. Pornographic use is at an epidemic level and growing every day with one click access through the internet.

I won’t even begin to argue the point that it is a victimless indulgence. There is never a victimless vice. It’s destruction of normal and healthy relationships is appalling. There are victims all over every community in America from this “victimless” pastime.

And then I read this article online from Newsweek on “The Pornification of a Generation.” Here’s a link to it. You have to take a few minutes and read it. I see all this happening right in front of our eyes.

Let me know what you think about what it says and most importantly what do you think is the answer to the question posed at the very end of the article? How do we help our kids today understand what is appropriate and what is not?


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