Remember The Miracles

The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 16:12 “Remember the miracles He has done, His wonders and His decisions.” What is a miracle? That gets real confusing to people sometimes. Let me give you a real simple definition. I don’t know if it is exactly right but let’s define it this way. A miracle is an event for which the only explanation is God. A miracle is when God gets involved.

So when a baby is born, that’s a miracle. The only explanation for that is God. When someone finds hope, that’s a miracle. When a guy mutes Sports Center to listen to his wife… miracle! The only explanation is God. Would you agree with that, ladies? To be more serious, how about when a dead relationship is brought back to life? God does miracles like this every day.

Sure, we’ve got tough lives. Things don’t always go right we all have struggles and trials to go through but God says don’t just think about the struggles, remember the miracles. You need to hold on to them to live the kind of life I want you to live in this world where it’s not so easy to live sometimes. We’re not in heaven yet so you’ve got to remember the miracles while you’re on this earth. They’ll get you through. They’ll give you the strength that you need.

Why does God do these kinds of things? To show off? No. God doesn’t have to show off. He doesn’t need us to be impressed with Him to feel better about Himself. Aren’t you glad about that? The reason that God does miracles is to show us His character. He does miracles to show us what He’s like. Deuteronomy 7:9 “Remember that the Lord is the only God and that He is faithful.” That’s one of the things the miracles remind us, that He is faithful. He is a God that we can depend on.

Do you know what God’s greatest miracle is? God’s greatest miracle is a changed life. If God has changed your life that is His greatest miracle. Only God can do that. Only when God shows up can that happen.

We’ve got a lot of people that come to our gatherings. And I would love for so many more to join us but I have to tell you from the depths of my heart that it is not about the number of people who attend. The miracle is the fact that God is working to change every one of our lives.

What miracle has God worked in your life? It may be something very small. It doesn’t matter. You know that God did it. Where in your life do you know that God showed up? If you have a difficult time thinking of something how about getting out of the way and let Him do what only He can do?


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