It’s Healthier to Go to Church

For some reason I have always felt that this was true. I never had any survey or scientific or systematic evidence to verify my feelings but I just believed it made sense. I’m talking about the health value of worshipping God and being a Christian. Now there is research to support my feelings and intuitions. It is healthier to go to church.

A study of over 95,000 people has revealed that attending church once a week lowers the risk of death by 20% compared with those who don’t attend church. Attending less than weekly reduces the death rate by 15%.

Maybe it is because the church service provides stability in times of fear and uncertainty.
Maybe it is the sense of community and support that is found in a fragmented world.
Maybe it is a place of encouragement and hope when there is so much to be depressed about.

Researchers concluded that they just couldn’t understand or explain the reason behind it all. They stopped short, however, of acknowledging any supernatural effect, “It’s just that we don’t fully understand the mechanism by which religion does this yet.”

So, if you want to live a longer, healthier life this is one way to give yourself a 20% advantage.

Here is the link to the article I read. It is from an atheist blog. I find it quite interesting and even humorous to read some of their comments about the findings.

A full report on the research can be found in the Psychology and Health Journal.


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