TCMS Relaunch is Almost Here

pict00643We have known for seven months and have been planning since May to move to a new meeting place for New Venture Christian Church. The day has almost arrived, January 11, 2009.pict00613

Last Sunday’s run through at Tomahawk Creek Middle School went remarkably well. We didn’t experience any challenges that could not be addressed or solved. We still have set-up and take-down efficiencies to develop but that is normal and will come with time.

To prepare for relaunch Sunday we have…

Prayed for hours and hours
Invited hundreds and hundreds of friends, family and neighbors
Posted 21 billboards in the Richmond area
Distributed 75,000 flyers (or will have before we are finished)
Prepared a quality ministry for kids, youth and adults
And trusted that all our efforts will bring fruit to God’s glory.

When we first launched NV in October of 04 we had 320 people at our first service. Even though many of those were curiosity seekers and well-wishers, it was a big day. We are hoping, praying and working for an all time attendance record for NV. We are hoping for at least 321 to come to Relaunch this Sunday. If you are reading this and able to do so, I would like to invite you to join us at TCMS at 10, this Sunday, January 11. Or come at 9:30 and hang out for a little while.

I believe you will be glad you did.


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