What Did You Think About Relaunch?

pict0016I personally thought that NVCC relaunch day at Tomahawk Creek Middle School on Sunday was exhilarating and powerful. The set-up crew worked hard to turn a school building into a meeting place for the church and what a job they did.

As we moved toward our 10:00 starting time people began to stream toward the huge “Enter Here” banner. When the day was over just a few shy of 300 joined us for the day. Friends brought friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

Other than a little trouble figuring out why our sound system was broadcasting over the school wireless network, everything came off pretty smoothly. With a few adjustments and corrections we will be ready to go again this week.pict0022

I began a four part series of messages on Confessions of a Pastor. What I addressed Sunday was “Sometimes I Doubt God.” If you’ve ever had any doubts when it comes to God I would encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to the entire message. You will hear me advocate some things about doubt that you don’t usually hear from a Pastor. Here’s a quick link to the message if interested. (Available 1/14/09)


Here is a link to the video of my confession that we showed just before the message.


If you missed the first week, how about joining us this week? If you made it last week, I hope it is your intention to return. And would you please tell others about your experience?

By the way, what did you think about the entire experience? I would love to get your two on it. Feel free to comment.



One thought on “What Did You Think About Relaunch?

  1. It’s pretty different… but I’m sure I told you that last week.

    You figured out how to upload pictures… you can also “embed” youtube videos too so people can play them directly in your blogpost… it’s the button right beside the image button.

    Where did you guys get the other video? The one about what our church is about? I liked that one too…

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