Winning over a critical spirit

Your first response to the title is probably, “I don’t have a problem with that. I am not a critical person.” I would encourage you to become transparent rather than defensive. I don’t consider myself to have a critical spirit either but I am far more critical than I am willing to admit or need to be. To help you determine your degree of critical nature and at the same time begin to win over the critical root that you might have I would like to challenge you to join me in this exercise.

Would you go a day with me without criticizing anyone or anything? I’m talking in our thoughts and actions. How long can we go without a negative thought dominating our mind? Is your brain like mine, conditioned to find fault? Does our hard drive needed to be reformatted?

If we can’t stop the negative thoughts, at least can we stop the negative words? Will you commit to do that? I won’t tell you that we won’t fail, because we will, many times. But stemming the flow of critical words will introduce our heart to positive change.

Once we succeed at stopping the bad, will you made an additional commitment with me: will you started looking for good? Wherever you find something praiseworthy, talk about it. Instead of picking something to pieces, talk about all the good that God is doing. I think you will be amazed at all the good you can see. Remove your negativity lens, and your eyes will open to see God’s work everywhere. Slowly your whole perspective will change. Then God will begin to uses you to help others improve—not by tearing them down, but by building them up. Ask Him to teach you to do that, and see what a difference a little positivity can make.

Are you game?


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