Life Is Good

How would you describe your life? Would it sound something like this? “My life is good. I like my life. Oh, I’ve had some stuff going on in it that isn’t always so good, but I’ve been able to manage it. I’m happy with my life. I’m the master of my own destiny. I want to be the driver. I’m going to be the one who steers the boat.”

But what if your life could be better? What if you were created for a greater purpose, and somehow in steering the boat one way, you missed out on the greater purpose that God had intended for your life? What if your life could be better than it is? What if your life had real meaning and peace and grace and purpose? What if there was intentionality about your life and significance and satisfaction that was from God? What if this life that God has loaned to you was really used for him? What if somehow because you were doing okay, you missed that life?

What if that happened, even if your life is good? images1


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