The grass is greener on my side

I am into lawns and landscaping. I am excited about having the best yard in the neighborhood. I hate weeds. I hate bare spots. I spent time on Monday of this week transplanting grass, which somehow got in my mulch beds, to bare spots in the yard. Now that is obsession gone wild.

Neighbors are always asking me how I get a yard like mine. Some of them just stand at the road in front of my house and salivate all over my yard. Well, it’s not that bad, but the envy does run deep.

This has not been a lifelong obsession of my life. It is just something I have developed in recent years. And I guess without kids at home to fill up my time I have to fill up my life with something else. Of course my first priority is my wife but my yard is right behind her.

So what is your obsession? For some it is their car. For others it a clean house, their desk at work, their looks, a good tan, physical conditioning, shopping, celebrities, guitars (that’s for Wayne), clean hands, shoes, making money, Facebook or even mint Mentos.

I think, if we would be honest, we all are obsessed about something. Here’s a question; what about if we were as obsessed about honoring God with our life as we were about our other obsession(s)?

As I said, I hate weeds. I will do anything to get rid of them. I have already applied my first treatment of weed killer. My second is coming in another week or so and in between the two I have hand pulled a large bag of “disgusting” ones. I will go to great pain to eradicate weeds.

I ask you, are you willing to go to the extent I am with weeds, or you are with your obsession, to root out anything in your life that does not honor God? In fact, if you are, would you stop at the end of reading this blog and write down the top three things about you that you feel God isn’t pleased with or would like you to change? And then write down the first step you will take in that direction.

Would you join me in becoming as obsessed about honoring God as we are about the lesser obsessions of life?

Check out the grass!house-pics-0181


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