Eloise Rose Arrives

We got the call at about eight PM on Thursday, April 9. We had nothing packed, so we went into rush mode. By 9:10 we had it all together, the animals taken care of, and we were on the road to Ohio.

Daphane, our daughter-in-law, was due on Saturday, but since her fluid level was low her doctor decided to go ahead and induce her labor. The induction began at about the time he got started on our trip. We were resolved to the fact that it would probably happen before we arrived.

What a long drive in the middle if the night—across Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and to Cincinnati. We arrived at 5:45 AM, a record trip for us in all the times we had made it. We proceeded directly to the hospital. To our delight, delivery had not happened and it was nearing time to take step two so at about eight AM Daphane’s physician decided to break her water. At 9:55 AM on Friday morning, April 10, Eloise Rose made her grand entrance. Eloise is Audrey’s new baby sister and is so adorable to hear Audrey say her name.

Eloise weighed in at six pounds, fourteen ounces and is twenty inches long. She is a beautiful baby and everything is healthy, normal and working. Her features and looks are perfect with a full head of black hair. Of course we have lots of pictures and have included a few.

Mother and baby got home on Easter Sunday afternoon and are making the adjustment with Audrey and the family dog, Benson. We are staying a couple more days to help with Audrey and any other ways we might be needed. Thanks for your prayers for Daphane and Eloise during her pregnancy and deliver. We are so delighted about this new arrival and grandchild #3. Grand parenting is every bit as great as people said it would be.

So here are the pics. They include Eloise with Timothy, Grandparents, Timothy and Daphane with Audrey at the hospital, Eloise in her “home from the hospital” outfit, Audrey in her Easter dress at Church, and Matthew our youngest son leading part of worship at his church on Easter Sunday. How do you like his Easter outfit?



6 thoughts on “Eloise Rose Arrives

  1. What beautiful grand-daughters you have! Congratulations to everyone! 🙂

  2. Absolutely excellent – congratulations. – td

  3. WOW!! Yet another miracle from God. She is precious and I know everyone is adjusting well. What a wonderful Easter present 🙂

  4. Congrats the Thornton family. Glad to hear all is well. Karen is right you could not have asked for a better Easter gift. God Bless and take care.

  5. Congratulations. What a beautiful granddaughter! God bless all.

  6. How beautiful! Both of them. Congratulations!

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