Building Needed for Base of Operations

We are looking for a facility to use for a community based operation to help and serve the under resourced people of Chesterfield County and the greater Richmond area.

We are a not-for-profit group and do not have funds to rent or purchase such a facility.  However, all gifts to our non-profit, including non-cash donations, are tax deductible up to the fair market value.

We are interested in accessing the facility for as long as it remains unsold or unrented with the understanding that we might have to relocate on a short notice.

As long as we have use of the facility it will be used as a base of operations for gathering donations, serving as the middle person to recourse already existing community based organizations, store materials and supplies to be used in assisting under resourced people of the county and city and a variety of other serving uses.

Here are a few examples of services we currently offer or are in the process of launching.
Moving operations team
Home improvements for elderly or single mothers
Homeless ministry
Elder yard care
Children’s clothing for homeless and low incomes
Generosity cans operations

For further information about these external focus operations or for information on possible facilities contact Kristin Blalock at, 245-1469 or Steve Thornton at, 874-3269.


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