best message ever

That is at least what others have said about the subject I addressed last Sunday. It was the last of three messages in the “Its All Relative Series.” On Sunday I addressed UNCHANGING PRINCIPLES OF PARENTING. Since it was a holiday weekend and many of the NV people were out of town I am sending this email with an easy link to the free online listening of the message.

I have contacted my married children and strongly emphasized that the message is required listening for them. I would encourage you, not only if you have children, but if you have any relationships at all, to take a few minutes and listen to the recording. You will want to have a pen and paper with you and maybe a few Kleenexes. The principles addressed apply to all relationships. If you would, let me know how the content spoke to you.

Comment or not, please listen and share it with other you think could also benefit as well.


2 thoughts on “best message ever

  1. One of the few areas of my life that I believe to possess purposes of nobility … parenting (specifically, being a father) has also, been one of the most rewarding & fulfilling aspects of my life. Without God’s grace, it would be difficult to invest as a father realizing the eternal impact my involvment has on lives, in concentric fashion, for generations to come. That notion is completely terrifying … without His grace. With His grace … it is absolutely awesome to walk w/, love, protect, & teach another growing life, as you attempt to lovingly lead it to safety & maturity in relationship w/ Christ.

  2. I think that I was in WV with Kristin’s folks when you preached this… I was having one of those afternoon where I just could not get in the get along as my dad would say. Just not finding any motivation. This reminded me of what is really important.

    I’m thankful to have this resource where I can just stop and listen and be fed.

    Thanks for all that you and the rest of the NVCC staff do.

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