Facebook Trial

I have decided to relinquish my holdout status on Facebook and give it a six month trial. I don’t guess I will get any peace and quiet until I do. I have received numerous comments concerning my holdout position, some written, some spoken, some encouraging me to give it a try and others telling me to not waste my time.

So I am ready to see if my quality of life improves and my effectiveness as a husband first, then father and ultimately a leader in the church increases. I am so anxious to discover what others have extolled as the “greatness” of Facebook. I am sure it will engulf me within a few hours. I hope I can control the excitement.

Now, I know that I will receive some additional comments as a result of this decision. That’s ok, bring them on. I can take them. Good or bad, let me hear them.

I must confess that my decision was initiated somewhat by an anonymous person. Somehow, I strangely showed up as a new user on Facebook this week even tough I did not activate my account. So to not disappoint the 1,287,000 people who asked me to be their friends since then, I have decided to continue my Facebook page, for six month at least. Don’t expect too much at the current time. It is just a skeleton. I have to locate the extra time it takes to set it up properly and maintain it, but I’m sure I will.

I will be anxious to write in six months about my experience. I hope it is worth the while. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Facebook Trial

  1. I bet you find exactly what you might anticipate … “potential”. Potentially useful if employed w/ genuine motivations for sincere communication … though, mostly useless; as few use it for anything close to this purpose.

  2. I think that you over analyzed it. No life change will occur.

  3. I think you should not be anxious about anything. 🙂

  4. I agree with Abbey

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