a fish story

I can’t remember the last time I went fishing. I’m sure I have but it was just so long ago that I can’t, for the life of me, recall the time and place. I have always expressed a desire for fishing but never did much of anything about the desire. I guess the reason is that I like to get more production out of my time and the few times I did go fishing I sat there forever with no action. If I ever caught anything it was never enough to tell anyone about.

So this past Sunday Mike Gorski stuck his head out the window as we were leaving the road from Tomahawk Creek School, after our services and said, “If you aren’t doing anything tomorrow evening why don’t you come on over and we’ll go fishing.” He had mentioned this before but he had never been so specific as “tomorrow evening.” So I decided I was going to take him up on the offer. After all, Mike is an “expert” when it comes to fishing and if I am going to fish I want to go with an “expert.”

We put out on the pond behind his and Linda’s place up in Amelia about 6:15PM. (He and Linda are the couple that usually greets you at the door on Sunday morning at NV.) He gave me a few lessons on casting, baited my hook with live crickets and I went to work.

We were floating out from land about fifty to sixty feet casting up to the edge of the shore. My first couple casts were laughable. Then I began to get the hang of it. About my forth or fifth cast I had a strike and I was reeling in my first catch of the day. Another cast or two and I was reeling in another. The blue gills were biting and I was on a roll. About fifteen minutes into the expedition I hooked into a big momma. As I reeled it in Mike was beside himself. “That is a huge blue gill.” And he begins saying something about state citation size, whatever that means. So I asked him and he said that any blue gill over eleven inches is considered citation size. He measured it and it came in at eleven and a quarter inches. So fifteen minutes into the trip I had hooked a state citation blue gill. Here’s what a blue gill looks like.
That means I get a certificate with some kind of official recognition on it. Sure, we took a picture but it turned out to be the last picture on the camera so there is a good chance it didn’t take. If it didn’t, this is nothing more than just another fish story and there goes my citation.

But it was fun anyhow. We fished for another couple hours and I caught ten or twelve including a couple pound bass. Thanks Mike for making my first fishing experience, in who knows how long, a state citation evening.


One thought on “a fish story

  1. I’m glad you didn’t fall in the lake like Wayne did or Mike would have taken your picture and there would not have been a chance for a citation picture at all. Hope it turns out.

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