overwhelmed with wonder

I just stumbled on this verse a couple weeks ago in my morning quiet time that I don’t recall reading before. I’m sure I have, because on a couple other occasions over the years I have read through the entire Bible. I never saw it any of the other times but this time it just jumped off the page and I have not been able to get it out of my mind since then. It has excited my mental processes more than any verse I have read in some time. Here it is. It comes from the New Testament book of Mark, chapter nine, verse fifteen.

“As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.”

A couple phrases are packed with color and imagination. The first is where it says they were “overwhelmed with wonder.” What was it about Jesus that His mere presence would overwhelm a group of people with wonder? What was there about His presence and person that brought forth such a response? Was it His countenance, His confidence, His mercy, grace or love, His humility? Whatever it was, it was overwhelming.

A more personal question though, is how long has it been since you were overwhelmed with wonder at the thought or connection with Jesus? Have you ever been? Isn’t this a response that we should frequently experience?

I challenge you to identify ways to be overwhelmed with wonder at the presence of Jesus. Here’s a suggestion. Designate a time each day, or as often as possible, to get alone with your Bible and God. Read from the Gospels and connect with Jesus there and let His presence overwhelm you.

The other phrase is the one that follows “overwhelmed with wonder. The verse continues, “and they ran to meet Him.”

The natural response to being overwhelmed with wonder at the presence of Jesus is running to meet Him. Here’s a question? What in your life might be standing in the way of you being overwhelmed with wonder at the realization of Jesus and running to meet Him?  Isn’t it time to deal with it?


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