Sawyer, Audrey, Eloise and Friends

Since I have been addressing relationship and family issues the last couple weeks in our Sunday gatherings I thought I would take a minute and say how much I have been enjoying friends and family the last few weeks. We have enjoyed a visit by our oldest son, Brady and his wife, Elizabeth and their son, Sawyer.

Last week four of our long time friend from our previous ministry in Ohio came our way to visit and help Sharon celebrate her 60th birthday. What a party it was. She seems to be aging gracefully. I will be the first one to admit that she certainly does not act her age and I am glad she doesn’t.

Then, our middle son, Timothy, with his wife, Daphane came to see us and also celebrate Sharon’s birthday. Of course they brought Audrey and her new baby sister, Eloise. They stayed for about four days and headed home this morning.

I have been talking about the most important ingredient of successful relationship as well as how to defuse conflict in relationships in our current series on Hope beyond Belief on Sundays. (For the complete message click here It is such a delight to have those kind of relationships with family and friends.

Here are a few pics of the friends and family visits. The full sets are posted on my facebook page. Here’s the link if you can access it. with sawyer, 2009018beach with sawyer, 2009036Sawyer at our place, june 09003Sharon's Bday, Timothy and Daphane, Ohio Girls 125PICT0005PICT0019PICT0004Sharon's Bday, Timothy and Daphane, Ohio Girls 135


One thought on “Sawyer, Audrey, Eloise and Friends

  1. what an excellent little tribe! 🙂

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