Where did it all come from?

While on vacation we stayed at the most “romantic” and quaint B & B about twenty minutes from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was unlike anything we have ever experienced before. I just happened to have a picture of the cove that we looked out across in the morning when we awoke. Of course it wasn’t like that every morning. Some mornings the fog was too thick to see the edge of the water. PICT0050

The proprietor of the B & B was a man named Jim Edwards. Jim was an early sixty’s retired company president who decided to do the B & B with his wife for their second career. The only problem was that his wife unfortunately was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and passed away three years ago. He is now left to carry on their dreams together—alone.

Needless to say, Jim was an agnostic when it came to God and maybe a little bit of a skeptic. That at least gave him the ability to discuss God subjects. One morning he happened to ask what kind of work I did and I said I was an entrepreneur. He said in what field. I said church planting, I am a church planter. That opened the door to at least explore God, in his cautious and guarded manner.

That particular day we were headed off to an area of NS called Peggy’s Cove. I’ve thrown in a few pictures to let you see what the area was like. It was breath taking, nothing like anything we had ever seen before. I want to do an entire post on the beauty of Peggy’s Cove but I’ll save that for another time.

Before we left the breakfast table Jim said, “Since you are headed off to Peggy’s Cove today I would be curious as to your explanation for all you see at the cove. How do you think this all came about.” Now, Jim is an extremely intelligent person. He is well read and very articulate on his positions. He is a very sharp thinker.

He had just put me to the test and I had to see if there was any sharpness to my thinking. Did I have an answer for him? Was my answer reasonable? Was it believable? Was it enough to plant a seed in the mind of an agnostic? How would you have responded to the unexpected invitation to extend God and at the same time defend your faith? The last thing I wanted to do was come off preachy or super spiritual or sounding like some kind of a weirdo.

So I thought and sighed a silent prayer and began to explain. Having never seen Peggy’s Cove, with only an expectation of grandeur in my mind, I began, “I think there could be one of two explanations for what you find there. One would be the great flood described in the Bible. If the entire earth was covered to the top of the highest mountain as described we have no concept of the way in which the waters changed, shaped and altered the face of the planet in a short period of time. Much of what you see at Peggy’s Cove could have happened as a result of the great flood.”

I continued, “The other possible explanation would be that God made it just the way you see it. If God made a mature Adam and Eve it is conceivable and highly likely that He also created a mature earth and that what you see there is much like it has been since the creation. If God created a mature earth then all the resources found within the planet were deposited there from the beginning by the creator. Sure, they have developed since then, but much of what we discover on planet earth was part of the original creation.”

His response was interesting. He looked at me and asked, “Is that the belief of most people in your position?” (Pastors) I said, “Probably some but certainly not all.” Then, as the discussion concluded he acknowledged, “It’s an interesting theory. I’ve never hear that before. I won’t say that I accept it, but it is different and interesting.”

Here are a few pictures of the Peggy’s Cove area we were discussing.

kodak 7kodak 9kodak 10kodak 11

kodak 8


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