Eight days without the computer

So here is the struggle I faced as we prepared for our vacation a couple weeks ago—computer or no computer. The places we were staying at had internet connections besides there are countless ways to connect, even in the remote areas of Maine and Nova Scotia. It wasn’t that I couldn’t connect.

But could I go without connecting even when I could? Could I find something to fill my time with that did not involve a computer in any way? Would it be the most boring time of my life? Was I destined to communication in a whole different realm?

Well, I opted to not just not use my computer. I didn’t even take it with me. I left it in the closet at the house. I knew it (the computer) would be lonely but I also knew it was not welcomed on this trip.

After a couple days of mental and lifestyle readjustment I actually enjoyed not accessing the many outlets of computer life. I learned a lot about what was possible without the internet. I had more time to enjoy the wonders of life and people in a real way. And I learned how to talk with my wife in a more meaning way than I had for awhile. I have to say that I got to the point of liking life without the computer. And the vacation ended up being the best experience we have enjoyed together in years.

So, tell me, could you go eight days without the computer in your life. What feelings do you have at the very thought of such a thing.


2 thoughts on “Eight days without the computer

  1. Our timing again, oddly overlaps. Just hopped on Facebook @ my sisters request for keeping connected — & just spent a week disconnected from all these digital w/ honeymoon in mountains. Loved it! I work w/ technology so it’s hard to drop it – but I have yet, to pick up the usage at night – at home, after work. Granted – having just married I don’t have much appetite for the electronic world … but doubt I will ever allow it present again to the degree that it was. I love person-2-person … face-2-face, interaction. I can add to the FB exploration you generated recently. Having connected w/ a few past friendships, I like that aspect. I still see however, so many folks basically talking to themselves, as they post or comment on info they themselves aren’t even interested in, in terms of their status or activities.

    BTW – Your travels look like they were pretty cool. – td

  2. That is great man!It is a fantastic opportunity you had without a computer.Life is so calm and peaceful without these technologies.Enjoy the pure taste of life without having a laptop.

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