Why do you love your church?

I Love My Church Plain copyThe Bible says, “Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” (Eph 5:25) Jesus loved the church so much He paid the ultimate price for her, His life. Understand, this is God laying down His life for the church. This is God dying for the church. This is the Creator sacrificing Himself so that you and I could become part of His church and ultimately spend all of eternity with him. Is there any doubt in your mind how much Jesus loves the church?

So how about you? Do you love the church? Do you love your church? I’m talking about the church you call “your church.” I mean your church “home?” Do you love it? How much do you love it? Even more so why do you love it?

I love the church because it provides an avenue for me to show Christ to the community. It gives me a place to invite my friends and neighbors so that they might have a chance to connect with Jesus also. It helps me grow to all God wants me to be. It is a place of strength when I am weak and encouragement when I am down. I could keep on and on but I would rather hear from you.

Whoever you are, whatever church you are a part of sound off. Why do you love your church? Come on, shout it out. Tell it to everyone, or at least to the few who read this blog. Don’t hold back. Why do you love your church? Hit “comment’ and let err rip.


5 thoughts on “Why do you love your church?

  1. I love my church because it feels so warm and loving. It gives me the oppurtunity to step outside of my self and show Christian love to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It gives me an avenue to reach the comunnity and be a giver in so many ways. I probably would sit back and say I wish I could or I wish I did, But through my church I now can say it feels good because I did.

  2. I love my church because it gives me a spiritual lift each time I step inside and feel the true love that Christian friends give. I love to tell others about my church because I am so blessed to have people who give from the heart. It helps me to get more focused on God and what he has done in my life. My church is an open door to all who wish to enter, the poor, the proud, the rich, the humble, the unworthy, the sinner. I love my church because God loved us so much he wanted us to have a spiritual home while we are away from “His Home”.

  3. I love my church because I get to be a part of God’s Kingdom. Being able to serve is fulfilling, I feel like I am able to give to others a portion of all God has blessed me with. I also enjoy showing and experiencing Christ’s love through genuine relationships.

  4. I love the church (church worldwide) because because we are all very different, but we are trying to show God’s love through what we do. Even though we all are sinners, God’s love does show through us.

    I love my church because it is faithful to show what it means to be sinner saved by God’s grace through the Jesus Christ; it challenges me to not be happy with where I am in my relationship with God, but to strive to see have a deeper relationship; and how to demonstrate God’s love to other people.

  5. I love the Church because it is the body & bride of Christ & I love Him … because it is comprised of other body-members that I love & need to function & grow in Christ w/ … because I am a part of her & to love her is to also, love myself … because through it, I have the divinely intended mandate to serve our Righteous Creator … & the divinely extended opportunity to say ‘yes’ in obedience to our Loving Heavenly Father.

    As far as the fellowship I call my “home church” … I love the sincerity of its primary goal, as I understand it – that being to facilitate the drawing close to God through the recognition of His Son, Jesus Christ as Lord over our lives … in a genuine, personal, honest, comfortable, & intimate way … that we may truly know & be known by the Living God … & the way it is primarily lead in reaching that goal.

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