10,000 visits

It may not seem like much to you when compared to some other blogs, but I just passed the 10,000 mark on visits to my blog this week. It is somewhat astonishing that 10,000 people would be interested in what I had to say, or that a large number of them would come back a second and third and fourth time. For that I am humbled and grateful.

My first post was on August 1, 2007 about “learning from atheists.” I still think we can learn some valuable lessons from atheists about how to do church and how to live out our love for Christ in a post-Christian society. Agree or disagree?

Since that time I have discussed everything from service to sex, freedom to facebook, confession to childlikeness, debt to disrespect, growth to grandchildren, school churches to summer study breaks, legacy to listening to God, mediocrity to marriage (hope they aren’t one in the same), markers to mission, porn to pancakes, strangers to service, purpose to parenting, submission to critical spirits, creator to criticism, wonder to worry, faith to fantasy football, moms to miracles, world changers to will of God. Not to mention Gnosticism, yard sales, jobs, homelessness, health, and donkeys. Oh, did I mention grandchildren?

By far though, the post that has recorded the most visits is one I posted in relation to a teaching series I did on marriage from June 25, 2008. I just wanted to have some fun. It is “100 Reasons Why Not to get Married”. If you Google it, it is the #1 item that appears.

So thanks for visiting my blog. There are better ones out there, by far. You could choose to access them instead, but as long as you come my way I will promise to continue to discuss “God issues from a fresh perspective.”


One thought on “10,000 visits

  1. In the brief time that I’ve known you Mr. Thorton, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a man aim moment-by-moment at following God in all circumstances. I appreciate that you are looking to see God move in all things, at all times. I recall the most difficult period of my life about 10 yrs ago when one of the most caring & encouraging people around me was an atheist. I still smile when I think about the association of NV’s investment in the Porn & Pancakes having on me & John (& now, Mindy & her friends Kevin & Meredith) coming to NV.

    There are many fine fellowships around — but in the end, any fellowship will only be as vital & substantial as its leader. Thank you for being faithful to Him who called you to your post & purpose. Be blessed & keep it fresh. – td

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