Audrey celebrates birthday #2

Forgive me if I bore you again by talking about our first grandchild, Audrey, born September 13, 2007. According to the predictions of doctors and specialists, she was not supposed to live but has defied all odds and continues to do so daily.

34If you would like to read the original blog entry on her it is from October 1, 2007 entitled “Only God Could Do It.” I featured Audrey again on February 1 of 2008 in an entry called “Picture of a choice not to abort.”

Last Sunday, September 13 was Audrey’s second birthday. We were not able to attend the second one like we did the first one but we continue to rejoice over our miracle grandchild that God has touched our family with. 31

Audrey has been such a miracle blessing to so many people. Her physical therapist has released her. She is walking and talking and is one of the most loveable kids you have ever seen. All our grandkids are tremendous (In case any of our kids are reading this.)

Her eyesight is still a challenge and we do not know how much she will be able to overcome from her original brain surgery. She sees and responds to everything happening in the room around her but the full extent of her vision is not yet known. That is a continual prayer need.

I just happened to have a few “more” pictures.PICT0049PICT0099PICT0106




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