The usual order is that other people tell you whether or not they think you can or can not do a certain thing, not yourself. This time I was talking to myself. I told myself sometime ago that I would never be able to jog the kind of distances I used to jog.

Now, I have never been a big fan of jogging but I have done my share of it over the years. I have been a speed walker, for the most part, but I always threw in the jogging when I needed to whip myself into shape at an accelerated pace. There have been times in the past when I jogged a few miles in the morning a few days a week. But those were back ten years ago or more.

So here I am, almost fifty-nine years old, telling myself it isn’t going to happen again. Those jogging days, other than short stints in the middle of the speed walking, were over. But I didn’t want to listen to self and set out to prove self wrong.

This morning I did what I said I could never do. I jogged 3.5 miles, without stopping, on hilly terrain. But that’s not all. Yesterday morning I jogged 3.8 miles and the morning before that 4.0 miles. So this week alone I have jogged over eleven miles, and I didn’t stop to walk at any point along the way. I said it couldn’t be done. I still don’t believe it. And I am still walking around without cramps or a limp.

Now, granted my jog might resemble more of a trot that a jog but there isn’t an exercise category for trotting unless you are a horse. It’s either walking or jogging and by those two classifications I was jogging.

I write all this to come to this point. Over the next few blog posts I am going to share some life stories that relate to jogging. And if you have any I would like to hear yours as well.

In these posts I will discuss some things like hills, the BIG hill, impossibilities, discipline, the scenery, coasting, motivation, encouragement, preparation, obstacles and of course, the finish line. I hope you will check back.


One thought on “I SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE

  1. NEVER say “it can’t be done” when God is involved. Congratulations on this achievement. I don’t think I could do it either…but I’ll NEVER say “it can’t be done.” I’ve learned better.

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