The BIG One

How about another jogging analogy? In my last post I discussed “hills” and how I developed the endurance to jog longer and longer distances by focusing on one hill at a time. So in life take it one hill, or one day, at a time. It is Jesus own prescription, “live one day at a time.”

Here is an interesting observation about the hills on the courses I jog. All total, the three tracks I take add up to 11.5 miles. In the 11.5 miles there are numerous hills, some slight and others steep. Some easy and others challenging. But of all the hills I jog I have noticed that the steepest hill, of the entire 11.5 miles, is right in front of my house. That’s right, in front of my own house. If you don’t believe me drive by 624 Coralberry Dr and see for yourself.

Isn’t that so true of real life? The biggest hills we face are at home, at our front door, in our own house. It is at home that we are most challenged when it comes to kindness and respect and encouraging words and humility and authentic love and all the other relational qualities Jesus expects us to display.

No where do we need to live out our faith more than right there at home and no where are we more challenged and tempted to lose our faith than right there at home. When Jesus said, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” he could have added, “beginning at home” because that’s where it all begins.

Jesus also had a word for those who act like Christians when in the presence of others but fail to do so at home. You know the word—HYPOCRITE.

Let’s take the hill at home before we attempt to conquer the rest of the course.


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