Great Day of Service

You are invited to join the entire New Venture Church that goes out into the community with serving feet and helping hands on November 29.

Here’s how it will all come together:

* We will gather briefly at TCMS for a time of prayer and communion.
* The kids will stay at the school and rehearse their upcoming Christmas program.
* Everyone else will pick up “Giving Bags” that will have $10.00 in them.
* You are asked to take the bag, with any other money you might want to add to the $10.00, and buy some personal items for the working poor of Richmond that are serviced through the ministry of Freedom House.
* After you have made your purchase then spend the rest of your time just offering random acts of service to anyone you might come in contact with. Or you might have someone in mind that you would like to serve.
* We will all meet back at the school at 12 noon and share a fellowship meal together and have the opportunity to share any experiences you might have had in serving others.
* Everyone is asked to pitch in their own food dishes for the meal and you can bring when you arrive at 10.
* The Giving Bags will be presented to the working poor at the Freedom House Christmas dinner in December.

Sunday November 29th will be a tremendous day of serving and sharing the love of Christ to our community.

Check out my previous blog entry on “Random Acts of Service”

For additional information on the day of service check out our project compass blog at this link.


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