NV Celebrates First Anniversary

Can you believe it? It was just a year ago that New Venture relocated and relaunched at Tomahawk Creek Middle School. What a blessing the facility has been. It is so suited for use by a church. In fact, at the dedication of the TC I was asked to have the dedication prayer. I was seated on stage next to the architect who drew the plans for the building. I leaned over and commented to him that the building was so user friendly for someone like a church to use. He responded, “We designed it that way.” The county is now designing their buildings to be rented by churches and other not for profit groups. They intentionally want them to be user friendly. TCMS is certainly that and more for New Venture.

I want to say that 2009 has been a great year of meeting at TC. We have used the building for a number of “first” for our church family including our first official “fellowship meal.” I have sprinkled this post with a few pictures from the year.

But I want to add that 2010 and beyond will be far more tremendous than we have in any way experienced to this point. The future is so wide open and full of ministry opportunity. God has raised up this church to be Christ in this community and we will experience that to ever increasing degrees as we move with anticipation into the future. I am so excited about all that the future holds.

The only disadvantage we have identified about the TCMS facility is its location. It is off the beaten path, so we are depending on everyone to continually get he word out. Talk up the church, clearly explain our location and consistently invite others to join us for our gatherings. Word of mouth is our best marketing plan.


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