Are you up for a challenge?

My latest project has been to build a work center for Sharon at the house around her computer table. For the most part the work center consists of a massive book shelf system. Needless to say, we have books stuck all over the house. Piles of books and small shelves of books can be found in almost every room. Our hope is to get them all centralized in one location with the new work center. Books and reading are a large part of our life. Anyone who is going to continue to grow and enjoy life must be a reader. To not read, in many settings, is to get left behind.

However, there is a book that is unlike any other book. It is not just an accumulation of words. It is more than a story or an accounting of events. It isn’t just the product of a writer’s imagination. It is unique in every sense.

Its uniqueness is found in the fact that it is ALIVE. That’s right, it is living. You say, how can a book live? How does a book live? I don’t understand it all, but whether or not I understand it doesn’t change the fact of its living existence.

That book is the Bible. From within its pages we read, “The Word of God is ALIVE and POWERFUL. It is sharper than the sharpest two edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow, it exposes our inner most thoughts and desires.” (Hebrews 4:12)

Let me try to explain. The Bible is fundamentally different than any other book because the Bible is an active book.  The Bible is a living book.  You can read the Bible over and over and over, and every time you read it, even though the words on the page may not have changed, what God says to your heart will. Its message is ever working and changing us. It never stops doing that. Its message never becomes static or irrelevant.

So I want to offer you an invitation as well as a challenge. For the next 63 days at New Venture we are going to be reading through the New Testament. If you read about 20 a day you can read through the New Testament in 63 days. We are calling it the New Testament Challenge. Would you like to accept the challenge and join many others who are ramping up to read through the New Testament? If so just comment and let me and others know that you are up for the challenge.

To assist in keeping focused and monitoring progress, there will be a day 63 day breakdown of the entire New Testament and what to read each day at

I just want to warn you up front. It’s ALIVE. Expect what you read to push, stretch and maybe even disturb you a little. But it’s ok. Just let God have His way and everything will be OK.


One thought on “Are you up for a challenge?

  1. I’m going to do it!

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