How do you keep from going crazy?

How do you keep from going crazy in the midst of challenging conditions? We are seeing some weather conditions, the likes of which this part of the country hasn’t seen in years, many, many years. And it has always slammed us on the weekend. It is an understatement to say these are challenging times. These are crisis conditions for many.
So what do you do in times like these to keep from losing it all? What do you do to maintain your sanity? What do you do to feel like you are doing more than just spinning your wheels? What do you do to have a sense of progress and well being?

It will never come easy under these circumstances but here are my few suggestions, then I would love to hear from you. What do you do to keep from going crazy?

I see the key to be found in two different directions.

1. Keep doing the right things.

  • Keep praying. In fact, step it up a notch. Adverse conditions demand it.
  • Keep listening to God, through reading THE WORD and well as in your prayer time.
  • Keep serving others. Conditions like these provide extra opportunities for service. Quit whining and do some unselfish stuff for others
  • d. Keep connecting with people. Make it in person whenever possible otherwise use the phone to call some people you have been neglecting or just need to talk to. And there is always the alternative of email and facebook. But resist the temptation to cocoon and isolate yourself.
  • e. Keep exercising. This might require some creativity but you will feel much better if you maintain your exercise discipline.
  • f. Give generously. People face unusual needs during extreme conditions. Try to find a way to help meet those needs, personally or connect them with someone else who might be able to. And don’t forget the church. Even thought the church can’t meet doesn’t mean the expenses don’t go on. In fact, almost every financial need in the church continues regardless of whether or not the church is able to meet on Sundays.

So, if you want to keep from going crazy I believe it begins with, to the best of our ability, doing the right things regardless of the conditions that are beyond our control.

2. Look for new things. Look for some things to do that come as a result of the conditions or you wouldn’t be able to do if the adverse conditions didn’t exist. Here are a few examples that come to my mind.

  • Do some crazy and fun things with your kids that they will remember forever. Act like a kid for a little while. Give some extended time to your kids.
  • Give some undivided attention to your husband or wife. If you can’t find undivided time go for divided, but make it more than the normal. Reconnect, communicate, cuddle.
  • Devote some time to something you have been neglecting or have wanted to do for some time but just couldn’t find the time. Call some people you haven’t connected with for awhile. Do a project you have been putting off. Catch up on some of the to-do list items. Start that exercise program.

Last weekend I got rid of my ancient laptop computer and desktop and spent the time setting up and transferring over all the programs and files from the old to the new. This week and weekend I am doing some long needed work on identifying the right person for a part time Administrative Assistant for the church. This week I also pushed myself to an exercise level that I don’t remember reaching before. It hurt but it was also good.

I am fighting the urge to just bemoan and whine about the conditions and instead use them to make the most of a challenging situation-AGAIN.

So, how do you keep from going crazy during challenging conditions like we are currently enduring? I would love to hear your ideas and so would lots of other “crazy” people who are reading this.


2 thoughts on “How do you keep from going crazy?

  1. Thank You for the infomation, but it is hard to live every day with out what you need. I try to find other good ways to improve my life but it not working as well as I LIKE please pray for me and I will pray for you. Thank you again Try hard not to lose my mind.

  2. I like your suggestions. I already try most of them but I know I could be making more of an effort. I connect with my pets (dog and cat) and I use to ride horses. Animals have a wonderful way of calming you. They are terrific listens or can just sit quietly with you for hours – never that awkward silence. I also try to cook something I’ve never tried before. I recently tried a Quinoa recipe – very healthy. It was okay taste wise but I felt better knowing I’d just fed my family and myself something so good for us.
    I will persevere on…of course…

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