Beyond All Previous Achievements

I made the bold step this past Sunday and went public. I announced that I have registered to run in the March 27 Ukrops 10K. Yes I said 10K, not 5K. To translate, a 10K is equivalent of 6.2 miles.

I cannot believe that I am going to run a 10K. I have never run in any race before. Well, almost never. When I was in high school, long before most of you were born, I ran a little track and field. But even then I was the short distance guy. I ran the mile relay which meant I ran a total of a quarter of a mile for my part of the race.

So here I am, turning 60 this year, yes I said 60 this year, and I am going to run a 10K race. Am I crazy? Has something come loose up there? Is all this cold snowy weather causing me to lose my grip on reality? Am I inhaling something that causes me to hallucinate? I must be out of my mind.

But I am going to do it and I have begun my training program. For the last few months I have been jogging shorter distances. So, about three weeks ago, when I decided to go for it, I decided to step it up. In fact, I decided to see if I could, in any stretch of the imagination, run for 6.2 miles. And to my surprise, I did it.

Now you have to understand what a run or a jog is for me. My jogging is at the very slow end of the jogging spectrum. In fact, I have a jogging mode that is just barely above speed walking. I used that stride several times over the 6.2 mile course. My objective was to see if I could in any conceivable way finish the distance, and I did.

So last week I decided to see if it could happen two weeks in a row. On Tuesday, (I do my long distances on Tuesdays), I did the 6.2 miles for a second time, two minutes faster than the first time. I was on a roll. This week I went for the distance a third time and completed the course a minute and a half quicker that the previous outing.

I am shocked and excited to see myself doing something I have never conceived of doing before. But it is not coming easy. In fact, it is grueling, to say the least. It takes determination and a tremendous amount of discipline. It takes a willingness to pay the price even when you don’t feel like it. Did I leave the impression that it is hard. Well, it is.

So who of you is facing a challenge and feeling like it is impossible. Come on now, are you going to let an “old man” show  you up? Go for it. Give it your best shot and then some. Don’t permit yourself to think, “I can’t” in the least bit. Defy the odds. Stretch yourself beyond all previous achievements. You can, without a doubt.  And besides, here’s a little extra help. “Nothing is impossible with God .” Luke 1:37


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