Welcome our new Administrative Assistant

It has been about five and a half years since New Venture launched and we have just hired our first Administrative Assistant. I would say it is long overdue and no one is more excited about the hiring than I am. I have been saying for a long time that the church is paying me far too much money to do some of the things I have been doing. Not only does an Administrative Assistant correct that problem but it also bumps up the quality of production in many of the areas I had my finger in. Not to mention the fact that several things have just been put on hold or neglected altogether due to not having the time or energy to address them. So can you see how excited I am about our new AA?

Her name is Meredith Eades. She lives right here on the south side within ten minutes of the Ministry Center. She is a PK. For those of you who need an explanation, that means “Preacher’s Kid.” Her dad is the Pastor of Exaltation Church of Richmond and Meredith leads worship there. She also does a little administrative work for her dad. Meredith is in her early 30’s and is married to a Pharmacist. They have been married for seven years.

Meredith comes with a broad understanding of how churches operate and what it takes to run a healthy and productive church office environment. She has nine years of AA experience, five of which have been in the church office. And she has a sense of humor, using the gift as a Christian Comedian. That’s right, we hired a comedian.
Meredith began her AA responsibilities with NV on Monday, February 22. She will be working twenty hours a week at the current time, fifteen of which will be at the Ministry Center.  Her office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-5 PM.

If you get a chance, drop by and meet Meredith and introduce yourself to her, but don’t plan on spending the day, since we only have about five and a half years of work to catch up on.


One thought on “Welcome our new Administrative Assistant

  1. Welcome Meridith! We are glad that Steve found someone that not only can put up with him (haha), but can bring so much
    to help our church advance.
    Good Luck!
    Sharon Spradlin

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