Worship Etiquette or Impacting Guests

Now that we have brought into the picture an administrative assistant one of the first items on the agenda is to gear up some marketing for New Venture. We really haven’t done any since we moved into TCMS. And the school isn’t exactly on the “beaten path.” So it is imperative that we take steps to get the word out to the community in a number of ways about our existence and our location.

Meredith, our administrative assistant will be overseeing a process for increasing the return and retention rate of guests and visitors. What good is marketing if we can’t get people to return once they visit. Of course, the end objective is to get as many as possible connected with a growing adventure with God that leads them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

With that in mind I want to discuss a hand full (minus one) of things everyone of us can engage in to leave a high impact on guests to NV as well as maximize our worship experience each week. Hang with me now until you have process all four.

1. ENTER THE AUDITORIUM WHEN THE MUSIC BEGINS. By entering when the service begins, rather than one or two songs in, you get the full benefit of the worship experience. Those leading in worship have devoted a lot of time and energy to developing the service and it is kind of a downer when they begin with about 25% of the people in the auditorium. This also says to guests that you are serious about worship. And it avoids all kinds of distractions as a result of people lingering in throughout the first ten minutes of the service.

Now I know that one of the strong points of the NV Sunday is the time to hang out and visit with people you might not have seen all week. So continue to do that by coming a little earlier or lingering a little longer after the service.

2. SIT IN THE DESIGNATED AREAS. Let me word that from the opposite direction. Don’t sit in the areas that are roped off. They are roped off for a purpose. The purpose is that we don’t need those seats with our size crowd at the current time. In the future we will, but we don’t right now. If you have to climb over a rope to get to a seat-DON’T.

This is not just to prevent you from being a loner. The reason is that there is power and energy in closeness and togetherness. There is an enhanced worship experience when we are together verses spread out to the far corners of the auditorium. Not to mention the negative influence it has on guests when they see people all over the room who have stepped over the ropes to take a seat in a corded off area.

3. PARTICIPATE IN WORSHIP. After all that is the reason for being present, isn’t it? When the band leads in song-sing. And feel free to express yourself in any way you desire as you sing. Get in your zone and connect with God. As the message is spoken, follow along in the message notes. If you shouldn’t be talking, refrain from doing so, especially during the solitude of the communion time. As you leave drop your connect card in the basket with your offering for the day.

All of this says to the guests in our presence, these people love God and are fully engaged in connecting with Him through the worship experience.

4. GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO GREET AND TALK TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW. We want to attract everyone we can to NV and to Jesus. Often it begins with a visit to our Sunday services. But a one time visit accomplishes nothing if they don’t return again and again. Surveys reveal that one of the most influential elements of their visit and decision to return or not is the friendliness of the people at the church. You are a major player in the continuation of their worship experience with NV. I know, it is a stretch for an introvert to talk to people they don’t know. But, if you will let God lead you past the fear you will be used by Him in exciting ways.

There is a double benefit to these four practices. The first is that they will elevate your worship experience higher than it has ever been before. And the second is that it will highly impact the guests and visitors in our presence to give NV a second and third try and eventually make NV their church home.

Are you game?


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