Six weddings performed in two families

Sharon and I were able to get away for a few days this past weekend. We traveled back to the town we lived in during the 80’s and early 90,’s, King NC. I’m sure you never heard of King. It is fifteen miles north of Winston Salem on Highway 52. It is just down the road from Pilot Mountain which happens to be the location from which the Andy Griffin show was based. They just reversed it and made it Mount Pilot.

While there we stayed with some friends who were part of the church I led during the time we lived there. They are the parents of three daughters all of which I married while serving the church there. Well, I really didn’t marry them, I just performed the ceremony. One of the three ceremonies I vividly remember. When the bride and groom knelt on the kneeling bench there was a chuckle that rippled across the crowd of guests. I thought I had spoken or done something that brought it on. Or maybe there was a clothing failure. However, after the ceremony I discovered that the sisters of the groom had written on the bottom of his black shoes in white shoe polish, “HELP ME.”

As I think about all the weddings I have performed this phenomenon occurred one other time. Not the “HELP ME” prank but performing the ceremony of three daughters from the same family. The second time was at the church I led in Troy, OH, right after moving from King. Again there was a family with three daughters and I had the privilege of marrying all three of them.

Here’s the most amazing part, all six of the marriages are still intact. All six are healthy, I think, and growing, thought not without their share of problems. And there are at least a dozen kids in the picture now as a result of these marriage unions.

It’s exciting to reflect on the past, especially the enjoyable parts of it.


2 thoughts on “Six weddings performed in two families

  1. Oh, trust me! I’ve heard of King, NC!

  2. Are you from Winston Salem? What has your connection with King been?

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