Making the most of Easter

I have been bouncing this one around in my head for several weeks. I have been thinking about how we can, as Christ followers, make the most of Easter for God and the Kingdom. My first thought was to do an online search to see what I could find on the subject but decided instead to just list ten things everyone of us can do to reap the exponential potential of the Easter season and NV Easter services. I am writing this now because we only have a few weeks until Easter on April 4.

1. Mark it on your calendar. I know, it is already denoted on pretty much every calendar that is printed. But I mean mark it in your mental calendar and determine not to let anything get in the way of celebrating Easter together with your church family. All those other things can wait till later time. Easter only comes once a year so give church attendance and worship the top billing.

2. Approach it with specific prayer. Pray about how God can use you to increase the influence of Him and His church through the Easter season and services. Pray for God to make some things obvious to you that He wants you to do.

3. Take in the Parents And Youth Event on April 3, and invite a family or friend to join you. It will be a blast including inflatables, family games, lots of food and a huge Easter egg hunt. The time is 10-2 at the Ministry Center, 201 N. Courthouse Rd. It is a tremendous environment in which to get to know some people in an informal setting. Remember, it takes seven positive touches to overcome one negative one about the church, in someone who is not a Christian. This is an excellent opportunity to create some positive touches.

4. Invite your friends to join you for Easter church the next day. It could be the beginning of the best thing that ever happened to them. And don’t just invite one friend. Invite lots of them. The more you invite the more chance you will have someone show up.

5. Let your friends know that you will meet them at the door to show them around.

6. Sit with them during the service and take some time to introduce then to some other people.

7. Participate in the service during each aspect of it. They are watching you whether or not you realize it.

8. Invite them out to eat or over to your place after the services and offer to pay for it if you are able to do so.

9. Invite them to come back to services the next Sunday or to participate in another event of the church.

10. Pray that good will come from the visit and that they will give God another chance real soon.

Surveys reveal that people are more apt to respond to your invitations during the Easter season than any other time of the year. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity that is before us. The Bible says, “Make the most of every opportunity.” Let’s make the most of the Easter season.


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