All this in less than a week

On Tuesday, May 11, Sharon and I received word that our daughter-in-law had been admitted to the hospital in Lexington, KY with pre-birth complications. Her fluid level was low, 4.5, and if it didn’t rise to at least 5 by the next morning they were going to take the baby seven weeks early. So we went into emergency mode and prepared for the journey. We first poured ourselves into a week’s work in one day so we could get some things off our plates before we left town. Tuesday was a mad dash to get the week’s tasks well under way or completed. Finally, at a little after 9 PM we had everything packed and were on the road to KY. Here’s a replay of the week.

* Drove 500 miles in eight hours through the night and arrived in Lexington at about 5 AM. The last hour was horrendous.
* Caught a couple hours of sleep and was awakened by Sawyer, our grandson a little after 7.
* After breakfast, dropped Sawyer off at his preschool and headed to the hospital. The ultra sound was scheduled for early morning. Got the results a little after 10 that the count was back up to 5.5 and our daughter-in-law would be released in the early afternoon. The instructions were to rest and drink lots of fluids and come back on Monday morning for another ultra sound.
* Went to their house and helped out Brady and Elizabeth get some house items covered since it looked like Luke Kennan (Our next grandchild) was going to make his entrance earlier than planned.
* Packed our suitcases again to drive a couple hours to Cincinnati the next morning for our middle son’s back surgery scheduled at noon.
* Got up on Thursday and took a four mile jog to get the day started.
* Ate breakfast, took Sawyer to pre-school and headed to Cinci.
* Arrived at the hospital about an hour before surgery and stayed through seeing Timothy in the recovery room. (He actually returned home within about four hours of surgery to rest and further recovery at home. Wow, what a change from the days of 5-10 days in the hospital for a discectomy.)
* Left to check into our, Priceline reserved, room at the downtown Hyatt Regency, 22nd floor and to rest for an hour or so.
* Met Matthew and Jess, our third son and daughter-in-law at Chicago Gyro for a lamb Gyro, at the edge of the U of Cincinnati campus. Spent the evening visiting with them and returned to our room for the night.
* Started Friday a little slow and then met Matthew and Jess for brunch at I hops and some more time with them.
* Made a stop at Target (have to get one of those in) and drove to Timothy and Daphane’s to see how the recovery was going and spend some time with our two granddaughters, Audrey and Eloise. Stayed there for the afternoon. And then headed back to Lexington to attend a Lexington, Youth for Christ banquet with our son who serves on the board of directors for the organization. (I almost opted to take in the Reds and Cards baseball game, a few blocks from our motel. It was a battle for first place in the National League Central, but decided to return to Lexington instead. And it was fireworks night. But the banquet was great)
* Spent most of Saturday and Sunday helping Brady and Elizabeth finish plans and preps for the arrival of Luke that could come at any time, including four hours of painting on Elizabeth’s parents house they will be moving into in a few weeks, from Indiana. (How did that prepare for the baby? Well, Brady volunteered to paint the house and was planning on having more time to get it done, but might not, so it is urgent to get it off the plate and out of the way.)
* Went to church with Brady, Elizabeth and Sawyer Sunday morning at Southland Christian, a church of over 10,000 each weekend. What a service!
* Ate lunch at Ramses before beginning the paint project. (By the way, I put on three and a half gallons in three and a half hours. I was motoring.)
* Grilled out and worked on some projects for the evening.
* Got up about 7 on Monday morning, packed and loaded the suitcases again for the “possible” trip home.
* Before the decision, we all gathered at the doctor’s office for the weekly ultra sound to check the fluid levels again. The great news was that they were back up to over 8 and she was to continue doing what she had been doing and return again on Monday for her weekly check.
* So we said our goodbyes, filled up with gas and headed out of town for Richmond at about 11 AM, arriving home between 7 and 8 PM.

WOW! All that in less than a week. In fact, it was actually a little less than six days. God is good and we are tired and now in recovery ourselves.


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