Parenthood, begins and ends in the same week

The first season of the NBC “hit” series, Parenthood, ended on May 25 with the final episode of the season, “Lost and Found. “ In this first-season finale, Sarah turns to Mr. Cyr for advice on Amber. Elsewhere, Crosby considers moving to be with his new family; Zeek tries to reconcile with Camille; and Julia begrudgingly cares for a single mom recovering from cosmetic surgery. If you read this in time you can catch it tonight at 10:00 PM.

However, if you happen to miss it or if you are interested in something with a little more substance and lasting value you might consider the beginning of “Parenthood” that premiers this Sunday, May 30, at New Venture Christian Church, otherwise known as

I have had more joy from parenting, and there is also a lot of pain when we don’t get things right or our kids go off and do things that really hurt. One of the joys I have is just the library of awesome stories of the goofy stuff that our kids did and we did with our kids. I will relate some of those stories as the series unfolds.

I am not an expert on parenting, or even close to being one. I have made some big mistakes in the parenting arena. I will be the first to admit them, yet there are a number of things Sharon and I did right. (She did far more right than I did.) I believe the final product speaks for itself. We have three great kids who have made fabulous choices in spouses and have already produced three tremendous grandkids and two more on the way. They all love the lord and are involved in building His kingdom. ( I literally just got a call that the first of the two unborn ones, Luke, might be making his entrance today.)

But it will not all be about our approach to parenting. It will be far more about God’s design for parenting beginning with week one with “The Parenting Priority.” If you are not yet a parent and one day will be, or if you are a parent, what is our primary priority? We will discover what God says is the most important priority of a parent and how God says to make that priority become a reality.

So join us and bring someone with you. 10:00 AM, Tomahawk Creek Middle School, down the road beside St Francis, Bon Secours Hospital, off Charter Colony. For more info call 804-378-7727.


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