I just want to stay home.

I can’t tell you how relieved and excited I am to be home with no prospects of another trip for quite awhile. The last three months have been in the extreme to ridiculous category when it comes to travels. We were involved in five major road trips that included a trip to Cincinnati for our third grand child’s first birthday, a false alarm trip to Lexington, KY for what we thought was our fourth grandchild’s birth, a return, two weeks later, for the actual birth, a trip to Delaware for the funeral of my mother and a trip to Indianapolis for the North American Christian Convention. We returned late Saturday, July 10, after having logged over 7000 road miles in the five trips. It is so good to be home for awhile.

On top of all the travels I had to maintain my regular responsibilities with the church, help move the church location from the Tomahawk Creek Middle school to 530 Courthouse Road, endure a house construction project that included living for two months with all our downstairs furniture in the garage and hold an open house at our place for the entire church. If I seem to be acting a little strange, I am. It’s OK. I will get back to “normal” soon. Sharon is experiencing her version of the same “strangeness.” She has been in the middle of it all with me.

It is so good to be home and into a regular schedule and routine. Since returning just four days ago I have been …

Reading more
Praying more
Exercising more
Watching TV less
Connecting with people more
Planning more
Listening to God more

So, I don’t want to go on any more trips for awhile. I acknowledge, there is so much value to getting away from it all and into a new environment but, there is also tremendous value in just faithfully and enthusiastically doing the day to day things that bring growth, enjoyment and value to others and self. No more road trips for now.

My next “scheduled” one is in August when I will be spending five days in a monastery where I can enjoy some uninterrupted time connecting with God, listening to God and planning the next year for New Venture.


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